A Powerful Visual Representation of Your Brand

Your logo is a visual representation of your business. A large company will have a different approach to designing their logo than an individual entrepreneur. However the basics are the same: convey a message that aligns with your industry, values and aesthetic in a design that stands out among competitors.

In a personal logo, it’s a good idea to include your name or initials. When brainstorming names for my own business, it made the most sense to be simple and direct: Karen Slack Photography. I want to be the main focus of the business and create a personal connection with clients through the business name. “Simple Solutions Photography” sends a message but lacks the human connection I was looking to establish.

What you include in your logo will depend upon your profession, the size of your team, your target audience and your brand values and goals.

Working closely with a graphic designer may be a good option for those who feel overwhelmed by the process. I encourage you to be as involved as possible in the process so that the final product is a true representation of you and your brand. The risk of hiring someone is that your voice can be lost in the process so be sure to find a credible designer that has clear and open communication to ensure you get the best results.

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