A Traditional Headshot

A traditional headshot is a photo taken from the chest up. It includes a bit of the torso, the shoulders and the head. The primary purpose is to create connection with the viewer. As you can see from the photo below, this traditional headshot is a classic photo for any business professional.

Yet there's a simple tweak that can both improve viewer engagement and increase perceived authority. After all, headshots are designed to work on your behalf to attract clients, create trust and portray professionalism.

The Tight Crop

To get these benefits, try a closer crop. Cropping out the very top of the head and reducing the amount of visible torso is going to have an immediate and often dramatic impact.

You can see from the photo below the difference this small adjustment makes.

As I tell my clients, your expression is of primary importance because this is what conveys your essence and sends a specific message to clients and business partners. Everything else is secondary.

Make this easy and simple adjustment on your social media profiles and print materials to improve your marketing results.